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Self-Service Health Insurance

For Oregon, Michigan & Tennessee clients we use and Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) platform called HealthSherpa! This platform is free of charge and runs on top of HealthCare.gov. This platform functions the same as your respective ACA Marketplace website!

The advantage with this platform is functionally it is no difference to using your local Marketplace, but with a much simpler and less confusing user experience

While still showing you all the plans available in your area, savings (based on financial data, household size, etc…) & and does so in a way that can be completely Agent Free enrollment! We understand not everyone likes talking to an agent, and we respect that.

Washington state residents still use the Washington HealthPlanFinder system. That said we are a partner producer for the system and can walk you through the application process, help you fill out a paper/digital application all from the comfort of a phone, Zoom or house-call!

Shop Agent Free!

Information provided to HealthSherpa using the link below is shared with us to help facilitate the application process for these services ONLY, neither HealthSherpa nor Adult Financials Unlimited sell or share your data with third-party marketing organizations!

HealthPlanFinder Assistance

Use the following button to book an appointment with a Licensed Washington Agent today to help you choose a plan that is right for you, currently we are assisting the 2023 & 2024 plan years

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